Ten Crystals Every Woman Needs

There’s a collection of crystals every woman should have in her arsenal. They have been chosen for their individual potency as well as their collective healing power. Together they provide a balanced collection for all seven major chakras and bring vitality, health, wealth, love, and well-being to life.

Most crystals can be paired together to amplify healing and to heighten a specific intentionality. Some fo the best pairings feature crystals with different tonest that - somewhat surprisingly - greatly complement one another. Similar to building a recipe with different ingredients, a potent pairing can create a healing harmonic frequency that complements rather than clash.



Crystals have been used for centuries for their healing properties and as tools for spiritual growth. Whether you're new to the world of crystals or a seasoned collector, here are the top ten crystals every woman should have in her collection:

Amethyst is a stone for deep spiritual transformation. It creates an energetic field of high-frequency violet light, keeping your environment protected and clean while also enhancing creativity. Keep it in your meditation or work space to help you stay disciplined and focused on your goals and projects, or allow it to serve as a reminder of your divinity and healing capabilities. Amethyst pyramids, double terminated points, and tumbled stones for personal healing can create wonders in the emotional, mental, and physical space. Clusters are great to use in communal areas and on your altar at home.

Color: Deep purple, purple, pink, lavender

Energy: Radiates, reflects, amplifies, purifies

Chakras: Crown, Third Eye

Pairs with: Apophyllite, azurite, black tourmaline, citrine, clear quartz, Himalayan quartz, moldavite, pyrite, rose quartz, ruby, scolecite

Special Care: Fades in sunlight, do not place in direct sun for prolonged periods of time


A great equalizer and cleanser, blue kyanite actively transmutes dense energy within a space to keep it clear and elevated. It holds a balance of masculine and feminine energies and allows for these two polarities to flow and harmonize. It helps to heal blockages in the body and imbalances within the Throat Chakra, inspiring to boldly speak your truth. It is a poweful stone of transformation and rebalancing in its raw form, but it can also be purchased as a comfortable-to-hold tumbled stone.

Color: Blue, black, green, pink, white, orange

Energy: Transforms, balances, cleanses

Chakras: Root, Heart, Throat, Third Eye, Crown

Pairs with: Amethyst, angelite, apophyllite, azurite, selenite

Special Care: Kyanite is a self-cleanser and will cleanse and charge other stones around it. It should never be placed in water or salt water.


Think of carnelian as the spicy chili of the crystals world. It is activatin and energizing and activates the sacred sexual energy and prana within. Bold and voracious, this stone enhances creativity, helps you overcome apathy or procrastination, and encourages you to step into your power with courage and gusto. Use it to heal issues relating to the Sacral Chakra, including hormonal imbalances and fertility complications. Look for tumbled carnelian that you can easily placein your hand, pockets, or in the bath.

Color: Orange, red

Energy: Awakens, activates, energizes

Chakras: Root, Sacral, Solar Plexus

Pairs with: Citrine, clear quartz, garnet, orange calcite, pyrite, ruby, smoky quartz, tangerine quartz


Citrine is a stone of personal power. It activates and attunes you to your divinity, abundance, and conscious creator within. Use it to attune to the frequency of properity of all kinds, including those related to friendship, health, and wealth. Citrine activates the Solar Plexus and supports the use of power with integrity and consciousness. Natural citrine pyramids are an all time favorite tool for manifestations and crystal grids. Tumbled natural citrine is also incredible for use in healing rituals, meditations, and with mantras.

Color: Light yellow to dark yellow/golden brown

Energy: Amplifies, activates, directs

Chakras: Solar Plexus

Pairs with: Amethyst, Herkimer diamond, moldavite, orange calcite, pyrite, smoky quartz


Often called the Master Healer Stone, clear quartz could also be called the “master gemstone” as it helps one to energetically attune to all other crystals. It is a highly potent, easily programmable magnifier of energy and intentions and can help you to acess and manifest higher states of consciousness. It also apmplifies the energies of stones around it. Use clear quartz points in self heaing rituals and crystal grids, an use clusters to amplify the energy of an environment. When placing points on your body, always point the crystals point vertically up and down your body, so as not to break the energy line.

Color: Clear, milky translucent

Energy: Amplifies, enhances, directs

Chakras: Specifically Crown Chakra, but works with all seven main chakras centers

Pairs with: Most stones

Special Care: Needs cleansing often, especially if you notice the clarity becoming murky. Safe to cleanse in water.


Lapis Lazuli awakens us to deeper insight and connects us with the ancient wisdom of the cosmos. Deeply connected with ancient Egypt, the goddess of Isis, Sekhmet, and the ancient civilization of Atlantis, this stone helps us access past lives across cultures and spiritual teachings. It can awaken you to your soul path and purpose in this lifetime, helping to clearly see the helpers, healers, and activators in your life. It is a great stone for meditation, healing work, and connecting with one’s ancestors, star beings, and spirit guides.

Color: Indigo deep blue with gold veins

Energy: Awakens, activates, directs, channels

Chakras: Crown, Third Eye, Solar Plexus

Pairs with: Azurite, clear quartz, Himalayan quartz, kyanite, moldavite, pyrite


Rose quartz radiates the freuency of pure, unconditional love and helps to balance, calm, harmonize, and heal the body, mind, and spirit and deepen the relationship with the self, family, community, and Earth. Tumbled rose quartz is easiest for bath rituals and self-healing meditations. It’s beautiful in its raw form as well. Sleep with raw rose quartz under your bed and create a crystal grid with rose quartz and flowers for your wedding ceremony.

Color: Light pink to deep pink

Energy: Balances, radiates, harmonizes

Chakras: Heart

Pairs with: Angelite, celestite, citrine, Himalayan quartz, jade, Kambaba jasper, Lemurian seeds, malachite, rhodochrosite

Special Care: Should not be left in the sun for too long as it will fade with time.


Ruby is a stone of passion and the Divine Feminine. Both healing and activating to the Sacral Chakra and Root Chakra, ruby is wonderful to work with for healing traumas of the womb, regulating moon cycles, helping increase fertility, and activating inner strength and power of sacred sexuality. Ruby is one of the most potent stones for this era of Divine Feminine awakening, and it is recommended to use small, raw rubies, which are economical and potent in rituals. Cut and polished forms, including jewelry, can provide a daily radiance boost.

Color: Light red to deep red

Energy: Activates, awakens, radiates

Chakras: Root, Sacral, Heart

Pairs with: Carnelian, Herkimer diamond, rhodochrosite, rose quartz, ruby fuchsite


A stone of cleansing and activation, selenite quickly and efficiently cleans the auric field while activating the Third Eye Chakra and opening the Crown Chakra. It’s great for healers, teachers, travelers, and medical professionals, as well as empaths and highly sensitive individuals because it can instantly transmute negative energy. Use it at home for self-healing and meditation and to amplify other stones. Selenite wands are generally useful for cleansing and rituals, as well as using selenite slabs to cleanse jewelry and other stones.

Color: Clear/colorless, gray, white, green, light brown

Energy: Absorbs, transmutes, radiates, cleanses

Chakras: Crown, Third Eye

Pairs with: Blue kyanite, moldavite, scolecite

Special Care: A self-cleanser, it does not need cleansing. Cannot be placed in or cleansed with water.


Smoky quartz helps to transform dense energy while also creating a grounding and calming effect on the system. It is a stone of letting go, surrendering to the unknown, and moving forward in life. Keep it on hand for stressful transitions, such as travels, and us it to maintain high frequencies within a home or communal setting. A cherished ritual is to work with raw smoky quartz points in self-healing practices,m as they direct and move energy quickly. They’re also helpful as polished spheres, pyramids, or tumbled stones.

Color: Translucent light brown, brown to dark gray/black


Chakras: Root

Pairs with: Black tourmaline, clear quartz, Shungite, tiger’s eye

Whether you're looking to enhance your spiritual practice, attract love and abundance, or simply add some beauty to your life, these ten crystals are a must-have for every woman. Incorporate them into your daily routine and watch as their healing properties transform your life.

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