New Moon in Libra: What The Pink Moon Brings For Your Zodiac Sign

On April 16 at 2:55 p.m., EDT, the full moon in Libra arrives. Any time lunar events occur in Libra, the sign of partnerships, relationship matters—whether romantic, platonic, or familial—tend to take center stage. A Libra full moon, in particular, invites us to explore the dynamics of “me” versus “we” in close partnerships. The question to ask: Do these relationships feel balanced, or are you overextending yourself at the expense of your needs?


Adding an extra dash of drama to this lunation, the sun and moon will be in a tense square with Pluto, the Pluto, the planet of taboo, transformation, and rebirth. As a result, past wounds could bubble to the surface, and we may feel a strong desire to address the situations or feelings we’ve previously buried. If you can, observe what comes up for you and reflect on it—rather than reacting immediately. And above all, be gentle with yourself during this time; Plutonian themes can be heavy, but accepting your feelings as valid is an essential step to learning from them.

Here’s how every sign will be impacted by the Pink Moon:


As this full moon in Libra activates your seventh house of partnerships, tensions among your closest ties could spike. Any dynamics or concerns that you've been avoiding should be addressed at this time. In particular, if you're investing too much of your energy in others, but it's not being reciprocated, you may need to confront that truth and search for the underlying reason. In any case, a powerful conversation could put an end to an unhealthy cycle, allowing a new and more aligned one to begin.


This lunation turns your attention toward your everyday habits—all of the daily routines and rituals that comprise the sixth astrological house of wellness. Spend some time investigating those habits and keeping track of your inner dialogue. If you find that you could be kinder to yourself or engage in practices that better support your overall health, commit to shifting your habits, and know that a shift in your energy and mindset will follow.


With this full moon highlighting your fifth house of pleasure and romance, you may be inspired to take a passion project and share it with the world. Remember that creativity and vulnerability go hand in hand. If you're dating, this is also an aligned time to share a more personal, intimate side of yourself with a potential partner. While this depth of vulnerability may catch you off-guard at first, know that it's part of forming a meaningful connection.


Your sense of home could feel somewhat uprooted during this time, as this lunation activates your fourth house of foundations and familial ties. Perhaps you feel overwhelmed by the requests or needs of loved ones, or maybe a close friend or partner is being pulled away from you by work or other responsibilities. In any case, if your needs are not being met by the people you call home, now is the time to name and honor that feeling.


You could come upon a new piece of information at work or in your personal life that feels emotionally charged or confusing, as this full moon in Libra touches on your third house of communication. While it could stir up past insecurities or open old wounds, you'll be better off leaning into the unknown, rather than attempting to solve it. Practice self-compassion, and embrace a deeper understanding that you won't have all the answers all the time.


If you've felt a push and pull between a more secure and a riskier route to making money, now is the time to reflect deeper on that tension. This full moon in Libra activates your second house of personal finances, encouraging you to reevaluate the way you measure your self-worth. If you're dating, you may also encounter triggers relating to your worth and value; it's time to release people who don't see the full extent of it.


You should be your biggest focus under this full moon in your sign. Your emotions may feel heightened, and you may feel as though you're accessing deeper parts of your psychological makeup and history. Though this could be intense, know that you're ready for a shift and release—and that starts with radical self-awareness, forgiveness, and acceptance. Make sure you're taking care of yourself before anything else.


Prepare to get deep, Scorpio. With this lunation highlighting your 12th house of the inner psyche, you may feel the need for solitude to find peace. An emotional or spiritual cycle could be closing for you, leading you to crave both mental and physical rest. Spending time engaged in meditation or grounding practices will help you find closure surrounding anything that has reached its natural end.


Highlighting your 11th house of community, this full moon could throw a friendship or acquaintanceship for a loop. Are you recognizing that perhaps your values don't align as well as you thought they did with those of a particular person or people in your life? This is a time to reflect on any beneath-the-surface dynamics at play in your broader circle of friendships, and to speak your mind in an effort to find more alignment.


A work project or other public-facing matter could be coming to a close or entering a new era, with this full moon activating your 10th house of reputation. You may feel extra raw or vulnerable at this time, as this particular project likely touches on an important part of your identity. Continuing to share it with the world and leaning into your vulnerability will prove rewarding in due time, when you're bound to receive recognition for your work.


This lunation hits on your ninth house of growth, change, and openness—and its directing that energy inward. Know that you have the power to control how you speak to yourself, and to recognize what limiting beliefs or thought loops might be restricting you from your full potential. You are dancing with your subconscious at this time and will be rewarded for releasing the self-defeating behaviors that do not serve you.


As with Aries, you may find that your relationships are particularly highlighted by this full moon in Libra, which activates your eighth house of deeper soul connections. You might consider the emotional labor you're investing into your closest partnerships, and whether you're receiving the same in return. Triggers from your past may come up during this time, too, which are important to acknowledge. Don't be afraid to ask others for support; you deserve it, too.

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